Agreement VCS CAF – FAAT

On September 7, 2007, Agreement on cooperation between Federal Agency for Air Transport and Voluntary certification system of the civil aviation facilities No. D-08/07/506 was signed between Federal Agency for Air Transport (hereinafter referred to as Rosaviation) in the person of Manager Yevgeniy Viktorovich Bachurin, and Voluntary Certification System of the Civil Aviation Facilities (hereinafter referred to as System) in the person of System Manager, General Director of FSUE State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation Vasiliy Sergeyevich Shapkin.

The document determines:

Agreement goal and scope

1. The goal of the Agreement is to determine interaction between Parties during organization of works performed in the System to evaluate compliance of System’s civil aviation facilities subject to certification, specified by Article 8 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, with regulatory documents requirements of executive authorities in the field of civil aviation.

2. The subject of the Agreement is a package of activities aimed at interaction maintenance between FSUE GosNII GA, being System’s developer, and Rosaviation and comprising:

- direct participation of Rosaviation representatives in the System’s governing body operation;

- cooperative accreditation and qualification of the System’s members;

- cooperative inspection control of the System’s accredited members;

- cooperative determination of nomenclature of facilities subject to accreditation and certification in civil aviation;

- recognition of System’s members expert evaluation results by Rosaviation.