List of Cancelled Accreditation Certificates

Cancelled Accreditation certificates of Voluntary certification system for the civil aviation facilities
( as of August 30, 2018 )

Reason for
Name of
Field of
1 dd 11.10.2007
till 11.10.2009
Expiration date
Civil aviation operator CC, Multi-Business Company Mega LLC 125167, Moscow, Leningradskiy prosp., 37, bld. 3, office 1119 Legal entities performing and supporting commercial air transportation and aviation works (commercial civil aviation operators)
2 dd 12.02.2008
till 21.02.2010
Expiration date
Aeronat CC, Firma Aviatransprocess LLC 141107, Moscow Region, Shchelkovo, Bravarskaya str., 100 Terrestrial aircraft equipment for:
– passenger service, luggage, mail and cargo handling;
– aircraft maintenance;
– aerodrome technical maintenance and repair;
– operation of terrestrial special equipment for aviation fuels and special liquids and their components provision
3 dd 16.11.2009
till 16.11.2011
Expiration date
Aircraft specimen CC, Independent non-profit organization Krasnoyarsk Interregional Center of Aviation Certification 660017, Krasnoyarsk, Mira prosp., 112 Aircraft instance
4 dd 24.10.2011
till 24.10.2013
Expiration date
Krasnodar civil aviation facilities CC, Scientific and Production Company PANKh OJSC 350000, Krasnodar Territory, Krasnodar, Kirova/Budennogo str., 138/121 Technical facilities for aviation works
5 dd 07.11.2011
till 07.11.2014
Expiration date
CC of Civil Aviation Facilities Audit-Air, LLC Tyumen Center of Certification of Civil Aviation Facilities Audit-Air 625000, Tyumen, Volodarskogo str., 49, bld. 1, office 217 Aircraft instance
6 dd 08.11.2011
till 08.11.2014
Expiration date
Southern federal district aircraft specimen CC, South Scientific and Production Center Aviaexpertiza LLC 344009, Rostov-on-Don, Sholokhov prosp., 270/3 Aircraft instance
7 dd 14.02.2013
till 14.02.2016
Expiration date
West Siberian civil aviation facilities CC, West Siberian Air Transport Facilities Certification Center LLC 630084, Novosibirsk, Novaya Zarya str., 2a – Aircraft instance
– Aircraft equipment maintenance and repair organizations.
8 dd 25.03.2013
till 25.03.2016
Expiration date
Sakha (Yakutsk) aircraft specimen CC, Production and Consulting Company AVIATRANZIT LLC 677014, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk, Kuzmina str., 22, bld. 2, office 29 Aircraft instance
9 dd 24.11.2014
till 24.11.2017
Expiration date
Komi Regional Aircraft Specimen CC FSEI Komi Regional Center of Aviation Personnel Training 167981, republic of Komi, Syktyvkar, Zavodskaya str., 8 Aircraft instance
10 dd 26.01.2015
till 26.01.2018
Expiration date
Tatar general aviation aircraft specimen and Single instance of the aircraft CC Scientific and Technical Center Expert-Avia, LLC 420017, Kazan, Airport – Aircraft instance
– Single instance of the aircraft
11 dd 26.08.2014
till 26.08.2017
Expiration date
Test laboratory for evaluation of flight and technical performance of aircraft specimen, Applied Mechanics Center CJSC 119526, Moscow, Vernadskogo prosp., 101, bld. 1, of. 336 Aircraft instance (flight and technical performance of aircraft instance)
12 dd 19.11.2014
till 19.11.2017
Expiration date
Aircraft specimen CC, North-Western Interregional Center of Civil Aviation Certification LLC 196247, Saint Petersburg, Konstitutsii sq., 2, office 628 Aircraft instance
13 dd 10.06.2015
till 10.06.2017
Expiration date
Aircraft specimen CC, Scientific and Production Center EXPERTIZA CJSC 109341, Moscow, Verkhinye Polya str., 18 – Aircraft instance
– Single instance of the aircraft